Hosting a blog on Google Cloud

For a while now I have wanted to transition from my hosting on GoDaddy to a better platform. I started playing around with hosting websites in High School and GoDaddy was the easiest for me to get started with. Now I realize how limited I am with the platform and decided to transition away. I decided to move my hosting to Google Cloud and could not be happier. I needed the ability to run my own infrastructure and not be tied down to what GoDaddy allowed on their platform.

To start my transition, I decided I would attempt to host a blog on the new platform first to try and gain understanding of how the platform worked. If you're reading this, it worked! has been completely swapped over from GoDaddy to Google Cloud and it was actually much simpler than I could have imagined!

Trying to manage my own instances and set up initial firewall rules and configuration seemed daunting at first. That's when I decided to check out the Google Cloud Launchers. I found a launcher for the blog platform I was interested in (Ghost, you should check it out) and with one button press I had an instance running.

There were still several configuration options I had to take care of such as static IP addresses for the instance and setting up backups. There has also been a lot of resizing of the instance I've gone through to fine tune the instance. I feel like I've arrived at the right instance type and feel even more confident hosting my websites on Google Cloud in the future.

Any questions on getting set up running blog platforms on Google Cloud? Reach out to me on Twitter!