How to make any Android phone feel faster

So, you just got a new Android phone like the Pixel 3, or maybe you've had yours for a while. If your phone just doesn't quite feel fast and snappy enough for you, you're in luck!

Here's the simple move to make any android phone feel faster:

  1. Enable Developer mode: This is a setting that allows you to tweak some less commonly changed settings with your phone. Be aware that you can change settings here which could negatively affect your phone experience though. Be Careful!
    • In Settings, navigate to System > About Phone
    • Scroll to the bottom, and tap on the build number 10 times. This will enable Developer mode for you.
  2. Decrease animation scale: This is the trick for making your phone feel faster.
    • In Settings, navigate to System > (click advanced) > Developer Options
    • Scroll down to the "Drawing" section
    • Change these settings from "Animation scale 1x" to "Animation scale 0.5x":
    • Window animation scale
    • Transition animation scale
    • Animator duration scale

The result of this change is that your animations while using your phone will be half the length. This means any time you open a window, or switch between apps, or close a menu it will take half the time. This slight change will have the effect of making your phone feel ever so slightly faster.

*This post was written for Android 9 Pie. Your setting locations may vary on different versions of Android*