The Bee Movie, but on Coke bottles

A little while ago, I split the bee movie into an array of 3033 elements to fit the script onto Share a Coke bottles. This was done with a simple python script available here as a gist.

This code was rather ugly but accomplished the job. I am going to post the results in the hope that someone decides to help fund this ridiculous experiment... Or just because I want to share it. Whatever floats your boat.

Here's the Python script by the way:

import re

with open('script', 'r') as scriptfile:

bottles = []  
currentString = ""

for c in script:  
    if len(currentString) == 0:
        if not c == ' ':
            currentString = currentString + c
    elif len(currentString) < 18:
        currentString = currentString + c
    elif len(currentString) >= 18 and c == ' ':
        currentString = ""
        stringParts = currentString.split(' ')
        newStringParts = []
        for i in range(len(stringParts)-1):
        currentString = stringParts[len(stringParts) - 1]
        currentString = currentString + c
        newString = " ".join(newStringParts)

print bottles  
print len(bottles)